Rmoni - Quality. In Control.

Rmoni, a pioneer in the “Internet of Things”​ since 2005, develops a Digital Quality Management Solution for the registration, real-time monitoring and reporting of crucial control parameters. Through our partner network more than 2.000 customers worldwide in the Food, Healthcare & Pharma and Cold Chain Logistics are working with our solutions.

We enable you to monitor the exact parameters which are essential to your business. Rmoni helps you guarantee food and medicine safety, increase cost-efficiency and attain compliance with sector-related regulations and requirements.

100% in control with our solutions

Moving checklists from paper to digital improves efficiency, consistency and visibility. RmoniWeb and Rmoni app’s are used daily bij thousands of co-workers.


Connected hardware

Rmoni’s wireless sensors keep watch over important assets and equipment, 24×7. Alerts and reports allow employees to respond and take immediate action.


Data driven insights

Rmoni combines all data points from activities and measurements to create a detailed view of work, team, site, country etc. performance over time.


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